Circle is the future of corporate wellness.

Flexible benefits that fit employees' lifestyles and cater to their unique needs.

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Circle's full-service digital care coordinator is built to solve two pressing issues:

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Generic corporate wellness packages are no longer serving today’s workforce, with over 83% of Canadians reporting a gap between the benefits they have, and what they need. [1]

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An increasing number of Canadians - now over 6 million - are unable to access family physicians, especially if they live in rural areas where only 8% of physicians work. [2]

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Going Beyond Primary Care

With Circle, you can offer your employees 24/7 access to a suite of allied healthcare professionals and resources across both physical and mental health. Circle’s dynamic interface also includes health tracking, health and fitness tutorials, and a library of peer-reviewed resources for how to live well.

As an employer, you get aggregated, de-identified data for the ongoing health of your team, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that respond directly to how your employees are doing.

And Circle has much more to offer.
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Our Story

Circle is a partnership between Thrive Health and Integra Health, working together to deliver high-touch digital solutions to improve health outcomes. As a digitally enabled care coordinator that provides full-service health and wellness care, Circle was created to help more patients access essential and preventative healthcare.

Dr. Sapna Sriram

Dr. Sapna Sriram

Dr. Sapna is a proven healthcare entrepreneur serving currently as the Founder & CEO of Integra Health. She brings 16 years of award-winning experience in the medical, health, and wellness industry. Dr. Sapna is highly regarded in the healthcare community for her expertise in delivering innovative interdisciplinary care models and her unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes. Committing to making these high-quality models of healthcare accessible to everyone is fundamental in how she believes we can repair the fragmentation in our healthcare system. Integra Health works with community, corporate, and public sector allies across the Nation.

Alec McCauley

Alec McCauley

Alec McCauley, CEO of Thrive Health, believes that with the right technology in the hands of patients and providers, Thrive can help foster meaningful, collaborative relationships between the two, reducing data fragmentation in the healthcare system. This helps to address any information gaps and provide a complete picture of the person’s health status, allowing people to achieve their highest health potential. By combining Thrive Health’s innovative technology and digital solutions with Integra Health’s expertise in integrated care, Circle was created to help more patients access essential and preventative healthcare, placing the individual at the heart of the matter and helping them thrive.

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2. Canadian Institute for Health Information. (2019).