Circle for Insurers

Circle partners with you to deliver a wellness program that increases employee engagement.

A girl is holding a phone and a yoga mat. A mobile mockup of the Circle home screen is at the forefront of the picture.

A healthier workplace

Helping improve awareness and access to all employee health resources.

Happiness and wellness are essential in the workplace. At Circle, we know the importance of developing a rich culture of health. 

Direct access

Circle connects healthcare providers and employees directly, with both in-person and virtual care.

Navigating Claims

Circle helps organizations navigate disability claims by integrating organizational wellness initiatives holistically and providing care navigators to support employees reintegration back to work.


Circle provides clinical implementation services to bring various health and wellness stakeholders together, creating an integrated network of new and existing health resources for patients.

Circle Wellness Programs

Unlocking the power of Circle’s Wellness Programs helps increase employee engagement, promote prevention and avoid sick care, driving positive health outcomes.