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Investing in health is good for business

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Health and wellness for your employees

Circle enables employers to provide full service health and wellness care for employees, acting as a catalyst for workplace culture transformation.

Beyond primary care

Circle knows the resources available to you through your benefits. Circle connects you to the right care, at the right place and time. 

Integrated care

Circle provides services for end-to-end integration, ensuring that care from different health and wellness providers is connected.

Personalized care

Circle personalizes your care: With context on your medical background and history, our team of Care Coordinators can provide care navigation that takes into account a complete picture of your health. 

Care advocates

Circle goes beyond a single phone call. We’re engaged with your healthcare journey, ensuring you receive the care you require and the proper follow-ups have taken place. 

Despite the abundance of health and wellness resources, obstacles like resource fragmentation and limited healthcare access significantly affect employee engagement.

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